Holly Falconer, Bio & Cv

« There’s a certain Slant of light,
Winter Afternoons–
That oppresses, like the Heft 
Of Cathedral Tunes–

Heavenly Hurt, it gives us–… » – Emily Dickinson

Holly Falconer was born in Painswick, Gloucestershire in 1984. Having trained as a journalist, while working as a magazine picture editor she quickly realised she wanted to be behind the lens instead of commissioning the shoots.

The product of a strong Christian background, Holly’s work now focuses on the iconography of all that surrounds her: her friends, favourite bands and London, where she is now based. Inspired by the stained glass windows she was mesmerised by as a child at church, her colour-drenched portraits have a myth-making quality to them – presenting often lone figures in all their raw glory. They sum up the struggle of trying to document the reality of the moment with the eye’s raven craving to set down all that glitters in front of it.

Her first project was a selection of images taken at London’s lesbian club nights from 2009 – 2011. The resulting body of work documents her friends and endless beautiful strangers: their plumage of stark haircuts, primary colour clothing and bright eyes all caught by her flash. Unlike their earlier counterparts, most gay people enjoy the freedom to be themselves in any environment in the twenty-first century. Yet these nights still provide a needed – and heady space to escape to. Continuing on from this, in June 2010 she completed a portrait project which captured some of the same girls, and condensed some of their character and sex appeal into more studied pieces.

From 2010, Holly has been working on a selection of portraits of asexual people. In taking this project she was interested in studying a group of people who are so at odds with modern emphasis on the need for sex to define who we are. Over the last decade, the internet has bought this disparate group together to share ideas and develop both friendships – and non-sexual relationships.

Future planned projects include a study of sites in London affected by the riots, as well as a project in Blackpool studying the irony of being a young person growing up in a holidaymakers’ city that also has the highest rate of anti-depressant consumption per capita in the UK. She also continues to shoot her favourite bands, with recent subjects including Hot Chip and Paloma Faith; and regularly works on fashion and portrait commissions for UK magazines.


Solo exhibition:

October 2011

Holly Falconer – Technicolour Hymns, hosted by XOYO.

Group exhibitions:

 Group exhibition at Scream Bar, London, May 2010 – displayed four band portraits

Genesis:Art for Haiti, The Rag Factory, April 2010 – a group exhibition displaying the work of 30 artists

The Most Cake Art Show: The Book Club, London, March 2010 – displayed a selection of club documentary work

A selection of previous clients:

Converse, Rollacoaster magazine, 7TH MAN, Buck, No One, Illustrated People, MyWardrobe, Katie Eary, Diva, Lu Flux, TheOnes2Watch, Percival, The British Fashion Council, Seat Cars, BBC, CNN, Story magazine, The Most Cake


2003 – 2006: University College London, BA in English Literature

2006 – 2007: Diploma in Journalism


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